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SQUAKE is the industry solution for sustainable travel and transport, today. A single API plug-in to power precise carbon calculations for all types of activity (e.g. flights, car rides, hotel stays…) according to national and international standards, and to automate carbon reduction and/or compensation along the purchase flow, from vendor selection (SAF, DAC, ecological restoration…), to inventory management, invoicing and credit retirement.


SQUAKE uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can create and revoke API keys in the Dashboard, which you get access to by contacting us under product@squake.earth. You should securely store your API keys; encrypt them on rest if possible. Be aware that each API key is shown exactly once in the UI during creation. SQUAKE advises rotating API keys on a regular basis.

To use the sandbox environment, a separate API key must be created. Switch to sandbox mode in the dashboard, then create an API key.

All requests must be authenticated and made over HTTPS. SQUAKE supports TLS 1.0 - TLS 1.3. Requests without authentication or via plain HTTP result in an error.

When using HTTP Basic Auth, the API key is the username; leave the password blank. For bearer auth, pass the API key as the token.

Example using HTTP Basic Auth (note: there is no password, but a colon is still required):

curl https://api.squake.earth/v2/pricing \

Example using bearer auth:

curl https://api.squake.earth/v2/pricing \
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY”

Request ID

SQUAKE associates each API request with a unique identifier. Find this value in the SQUAKE-Request-Id header. If you need to contact us regarding a specific request, providing the request identifier helps the resolution process.

Uptime Monitoring

Please visit status.squake.earth to check our uptime monitor. You can subscribe to events to stay informed of any service disruption. We will also publish a post-mortem about any incident should one occur.

You can programmatically check if servers are reachable. Read the documentation of the Health Check endpoints for details. The health check endpoints are the only endpoints that do not require authentication.


There is a sandbox server available for testing at


Sandbox and production are separate systems and share no data. Sandbox uses less computing power and may be slower than production. Both sandbox and production environments run the same version of the API; thus, they share the same feature set.

To use the sandbox environment, a separate API key must be created. Switch to sandbox mode in the dashboard, then create an API key.

This is the documentation for version 2.0 of the API. Last update on Sep 12, 2023.

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